COLS operates under a linear operating structure with the Board of Directors overseeing the entire organization. The Executive Planning Committee is responsible for the normal day to day operations and planning of the annual seminar. Finally, all alumni are geographically divided into local chapters - cumulatively known as the Central Ontario Alumni Association (COAA) - and are responsible for social and fundraising events as well as their own version of a one-day seminar or workshop.

Board of Directors

COLS is overseen by a Board that deals primarily with legal and government obligations concerning our non-profit and charitable status as an organization or any matter that concerns the organization as a whole.

The Board is composed of six members:

Executive Planning Committee

The planning of the annual seminar is delegated to the Executive Planning Committee. There is roughly one EPC meeting every month between September and the end of April. These meetings discuss the current financial situation of the seminar and reports are often given by staff touching on a number of subjects.

The COLS program is developed each year by a Program Committee, and any person who wishes to volunteer their time. The committee books speakers, panellists, and sets out the day to day activities for the seminar in May.

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Local Chapters

Each chapter, or club, has an executive committee which is led by a President. Every year the clubs individually hold one-day Promoting Leadership Among Youth (PLAY) Days which are condensed versions of the three day seminar held in May.

The clubs also plan social, fundraising, holiday, and volunteer events for their surrounding communities.

The six regional chapters are HHAA (Hamilton Halton Alumni Association), Toronto, Brampton, Headwaters, Niagara, SOKA (Mississauga / Oakville)

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