As part of our goal to prepare the next generation of leaders, COLS recognizes the value of our alumni and volunteer base. Without their commitment this program would not be able to continue.

Our three point plan is to allow our students to progress with COLS throughout their lives. This starts with the annual three-day seminar or one-day workshops prepared by the local chapters.

  1. Alumni Association: The building blocks of our organization is the alumni association. The association is divided into six regional chapters who host social and fundraising events as well as one-day leadership workshops for their local high schools.
  2. COLS on Campus: Former and current students from various post-secondary institutions and trades can provide valuable information to alumni who are about to move on from high school.
  3. Mentorship: Need advice or tips on resume building, interview preparation, branding, or anything else job related? Mentorship allows our experienced alumni to provide insight into the world of work and career building.

Alumni Association

COLS on Campus


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