Help us plan the next COLS three-day conference!
Seminar Planning Committee Meeting, Multicultural Potluck, and Resume Building Workshop

Help us plan the next COLS three-day conference!

This event has expired and is available here for archival and reference purposes only.
Date / Time

Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Optimist Club of Waterdown, 115 Main street South, Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H0

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Educational Workshops, Planning Meetings, Socials and Fundraisers

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# Item Member Responsible
1 Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m.
2 Attendance

Attendance was taken and 12 people were present.
3 Regrets

1 person sent a regret to the meeting.
4 Adoption of Agenda

Agenda adopted as is.
5 Adoption of Previous Minutes

October 14, 2018
6 Recognition Awards

The SUPER Squirrel was given to Natalie for putting together a successful charity marathon run.

The We are Proud of You Beaver went to Aileen for getting the most donations!
7 Staffing Timeline

In December we will roll out applications for 3-Day, Leads will have apps completed. Seminar Co-Chairs will also include their descriptions for future chairs.
8 Vulnerable Sector Screening Requirements

Leads must apply to get the vulnerable sector by the end of the year. And staff must submit their Police Check Vulnerable Sector within 30 days of receiving their acceptance. Working on a Google Doc specifications of different Police Stations of different requirements, whether it is a letter or some payment.
9 Reporting System Expectations

We will have an online reporting system for Leads, on the COLS website. Access will be given to track any expenses, or have anyone who helps you with alumni events to track them.
10 Reports from Leads

- Finance: Closed year end. Board of Directors were given finance reports. We have $44,996 in the bank. Just need to start getting donations in.

- Registration: 330 school invites stuffed last meeting. We’ve added the third option for gender to registration. Streamlined elements to make process easier and faster. If interested In registration then Stephen will be in touch. Reps to help with contacting schools in their areas to ensure students get registered.

- Sponsorship: Saveena has been updating letters to go out and has the
Optimist list. Saveena is working to contact Universities for sponsorships. Kristen will talk to UofG for getting ‘swag’. Aileen will contact Colgate for generous dental hygiene ‘swag’. Natalie will try Lush again, but no guarantees. Sam will forward Pepsi email from Helen.

- Program: Space at UTM is booked. Nicole is currently working on contract. Cindy Lee Yang will be taking over programming. Woohoo! We have booked the dance, Carol Schulte is booked for Friday, Sunjay is booked for Saturday and Juan for Sunday.

- Staffing: First draft of JL applications is complete. Applicants will need to submit a resume for Jls and Logistics. Three extra senior leaders will be selected to attend 3-day. Scott will be placing a hold on walkie talkies.

- Communications: No update. Action Items include: quoting printing costs, designing a postcard, finalizing letterhead, create a one-pager for Optimist Clubs for next meeting in Early February.
Respective Lead
11 SPC Alumni

SPC planning committee reps. If you are interested in assisting in any one of our committees, please contact the chairs, they will connect you to your team leads.
12 Open Discussion

- Niagara Club is hosting a Toy Drive on December 15. Check Instagram!
- SPC meeting locations will be rotated
- Brampton/Mississauga to connect – joining forces for some events
- Optimist Club Locations – reach out to clubs to see if there are free spaces
- 2019 Initiative Engage alumni with optimist clubs – encourage optimist/alumni relationships
- COLS Alumni – Save the Dates on Instagram Story
- Quarter Board Meeting: February 2019
- Scotiabank Marathon: Raised just under $3,000! WOOO!
- April Meeting – In Toronto! Then a Jays Game!
- Slack: Alumni using Slack: please talk to Kristen if you want to join
13 Next Meeting Date

January 20, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. - Exam stress relief exercises to follow
14 Adjournment

The meeting concluded at 1:30 p.m. followed by a resume building workshop.

Meeting minutes are added after the conclusion of each meeting and are only final once approved in a subsequent meeting.

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