Seminar Planning Committee

It takes an army to make this seminar happen!

About the Committee

The Seminar Planning Committee is responsible for the day to day operations and planning of the annual seminar.

Each September, the committee begins the exciting task of planning the seminar, raising the necessary funds and sending out invitation packages to over 350 public and private schools eligible to apply to represent their school at the all expenses paid, three-day seminar.

The committee is lead by the Seminar Chair(s) who call and chair the meetings and oversee the work of the committee members.

Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, provide input, and offer suggestions on how to improve the COLS program.

Meet the Team

The committee is currently led by two Seminar Co-Chairs who call and run monthly meetings with committee leads and members at large who in turn help plan the annual seminar. Work is divided up in different committees such as registration, sponsorship, program, staffing, and communications.

We are always looking for new voices and welcome different views in our meetings to ensure we can provide the best leadership seminar possible.

High school students on the committee assist their committee leads and gain valuable non-profit management experience, networking opportunities, and community service hours. Friends and family of members are also always welcome to attend and support in any way possible.

  • Samantha Cicciarella - Seminar Chair
  • Natalie Maxwell - Seminar Chair
  • Aileen Cruikshank - Senior Staffing Lead
  • Ola Bajorek - Junior Staffing Lead
  • Scott Robinson - Logistics Lead
  • Saveena Loch - Sponsorship Lead
  • Cindy Liang - Program Lead
  • Kristen Beaver - Alumni Liaison
  • Elisia Ciancio - Communications Lead
  • Stephen Galbraith - Registration Lead

To meet our team, click on an image above to see who we are!

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming meetings in the near future. Read the archived meetings!

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