Group Activities

Team work and collaboration are important in all aspects of life. Leadership is developed through verbal and non-verbal communication. That is where group activities are so powerful to the growth of our ambassadors.

Students progress through a series of activities over the course of the weekend. They begin by getting to know each other. Next, they cycle through six team building workshops that push them to think critically to solve unique problems.

On Saturday morning they work together on a volunteer project to give back to the community. Then they hone their communication and presentation skills through table topics.


Ice Breakers

Junior and senior leaders facilitate unique activities in order to "break the ice" for a dynamic and unique group of students who have previously have never met.


Team Builders

The ambassadors attend six different team building stations, where as a a group they must work together to complete unique tasks that will also challenge their way of thinking and working together.


Volunteer Project

Every year all 120 ambassadors take part in a volunteer project to emphasize the importance of giving back to the community. In 2011, a food drive sculpture competition was held for the Mississauga Food Bank which generated over 766 pounds of food. In recent years, we have made milk bag mats that are sent overseas to developing countries.


Choose Your Own Adventure

In addition to the other team building activities, this segment of the program requires students to pick an activity that they would not normally do in their everyday life. The students do not know the real activity until they arrive at their station. In 2015, students took part in martial arts, yoga, zumba, or was entertained by a magician, just to name a few.


Table Topics

Ambassadors are given random topics which they must discuss, on the spot, for one minute. This encourages them to think on their feet about challenging issues as well as improving their public speaking skills and confidence in front of groups.

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