Over the course of the weekend, students are engaged in a variety of discussion panels that change every year.

COLS invites distinguished community, business, and government leaders to share their experiences and stories on a variety of topics and issues.

Throughout the panels students are able to ask questions or comment on any matter raised during the discussion. Following that, the guest speakers are brought to each group during a breakout period to further discuss these ideas.

2015 Topics

Inspirational Leadership

Just like heroes, leaders can be anyone. Race, gender, age, ethnicity, or any other distinguishing factor does not determine who a leader can be or how a leader should act. We see leaders in business, politics, religion, the community, and elsewhere. What qualities do these leaders possess that make them who they are? This panel will endeavour to answer such a daunting question but will also show that leaders are not necessarily born, but rather, they can be made and nurtured.

Digital Identities

Our world is overtaken by social media. Today, we are seeing an influx of online celebrity and fame. Some people have branded themselves using the tools provided to them by this new media. However, those same tools have been used to ridicule others and reveals the negativity of some in our society. How do we reconcile these perspectives? This panel seeks to explore the positive uses of social media while ensuring that students and young people are given the tools to utilize it in a safe and responsible manner.

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