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Our three-day weekend consists of group activities, panel discussions, keynote speakers, a dance, and more!


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Stephen Galbraith

April 15, 2018 | Stephen GalbraithNew Way to Donate

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Stephen Galbraith

December 17, 2017 | Stephen Galbraith2018 Staff Applications Open

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kristen h

@keepingitcols #COLS2018 https://t.co/K07mRHkYt7

April 18, 2018
kristen h

colleague just exclaimed “outstanding!” and it took a lot of inner strength not to spell it outloud and clap #COLS2018 @keepingitcols

April 9, 2018
Evolution DJ

Yeah we are gearing up for the amazing #GSLS2018 but lets not forget the throwdown that will be @keepingitcols in M… https://t.co/8w3TFWVpgB

March 30, 2018